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If you ever get to Kauai, you..

The pilot provided great local knowledge.. We had four.. The pilot was very knowledgeable about the area.. We saw parts of the island up close that can not been seen any.. The entire staff was wonderful. My friend is disabled and they all took care of her.. He took the time to explain everything we were seeing and answered.. I chose the ride without the.. Our pilot Matt was a perfect guide and made the tour be a fantastic start to our stay at Kauai. East side of the island was wet, but our pilot found every amazing view and..

Excellent service from Kai as well, thank you!

The staff is great, from the check-in girl, to the driver to the helicopter, to.. We went deep into canyons and Miles our pilot made sure both sides of the helicopter got the full view. Vic Slom Video Transcript Most of the people that are going to Kauai want to know about helicopter tours and for good reason. Of all the Hawaiian islands, this may be among the most beautiful to be seen from the air. It's certainly the oldest, at five million years old, or the volcano being extinct for five million years.

It's had plenty of time to incorporate lots of jungle and beautiful cliffs and rainfalls and streams or waterfalls and streams.

Inter-Island Helicopters Kauai, Hawaii tours

Just incredible areas to be seen, including the Napali Coast, which is one of the most spectacular coastlines, you'll ever be able to find anywhere on the planet, and the Waimea canyon, which is the Hawaiian version of the Grand Canyon. We have lots of different helicopter companies that do this that fly various types of helicopters.

Actually, the helicopters we have could be basically broken down into three different types, the A Star, the Whisper Star, and the Hughes 's. The workhorse, I guess of the industry is going to be the A Star helicopter it's a French designed helicopter that is really the gold standard for helicopters here in Hawaii as well as in Kauai.

It is a helicopter that's designed specifically for the purpose of sightseeing.

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Epic Kauai Helicopter Tour With The DOORS OFF (Na Pali Coast)

No matter where you sit in this helicopter, you've got an excellent view. You've got two people in the front along with the pilot, and they certainly can see out in all directions. You've got four people that are sitting in the back. They are on a raised seat, like theater seating, so they can see above the heads of anyone in front of them.

Also, the rotator shaft is not located between the two seats as it is in many Aircraft, but it's located behind in the fuselage. It's not in your say, not diminishing your view. So you've got this wonderful view, all the way around that anyone can see. The kind of stepped up version of that is the Whisper Star, same designer. The aircraft is a little bit larger, perhaps maybe another foot and a half or so, maybe two feet wider.

Tours & Activities in Hawaii

It has the same six passengers, but they're seated in a little bit of a more luxurious style. Instead of a bench seat, they've got bucket seats. You've got a little bit more luxury as you're enjoying that. The other one that we have is the Hughes This is a completely different type of Aircraft.

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Only carries four people. They would be two in the front, two in the back, pilot being in the front as well. The nice thing about this is that you've got a door or a window right immediately next to every passenger, so you can really see out well. If there's any disadvantage in some sense, it would be that there's somewhat of a console between the front and the back seat, so it's a little more difficult for the person in the back seat to see forward, but that is all then diminished by the fact that you've got this excellent view out your immediate door to either your left or your right, which is going to be better than on any other Aircraft, probably, especially if you choose, and this would be the option on this one if you wanted to, to have doors off.

The doors can be taken off, usually, at a small extra cost. It makes for one of the most amazing of all the helicopter tours that we can possibly provide. You're strapped in of course, no difference, there, but right next to you is total air. You're perhaps looking down 3, feet at times, straight down. As I say, you're strapped in. There's no difference in that, having a barrier of a small door is not much of a difference. Ultimately, that doorway is just a flimsy little barrier that is now going to be completely removed, and you've got this view that's just amazing. On those, you will get a little bit colder, I will say.

They generally provide you with a flight suit or something. Because when you're up at 3,, 4, feet, it's just going to get cooler. Then you've got the air rushing through. If you're a photographer, for instance, if that's what you really want to have happen or even just an amateur photographer, you just can't get any better pictures that you can on one of those. Those are the three aircraft that we have. Now where do they go? Well Kauai, we're lucky enough to have an island in Kauai, it's basically as you can see a circle.

It just allows itself perfectly for a one hour flight. The majority of flights are going to be leaving from Lihue airport, the main airport. Then taking off and heading along the coastline, and then coming up into the Waimea valley or canyon, Waimea, which as I say is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, absolutely spectacular to see.

The Best Helicopter Tours:

As you get just off to the edge of the island, you end up coming right on the cliffs of the Napali Coastline. This is really one of the wonders of the world. It is one of the most spectacular coastlines you will see anywhere. It's about 11 miles right in here that you can't get to any other way but by air or by sea. There is no roadways, there's no people, there's no cities, anything like that.

It is essentially a series of cliffs that go straight down perhaps 3, feet, directly down to the ocean and the sea below. The waves, over the course of time have chipped away at the bottom of these cliffs, and then on top, they've just kept falling. They've made straight bluffs that go straight down. The rainfall is so heavy there that they're just green jungle that is just covering this coast line and these cliffs. The erosion from the wind has created many pinnacles and razor sharp ridges that are just amazing to see. Almost unbelievable to look at. Anyway, you'll see this from a viewpoint from a helicopter.

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  6. A number of valleys. You'll be able to go in on that side of the Napali Coast.


    You'll be continuously looking at the sea coast and the caves that are down below. It is one of the most spectacular sites that you could find anywhere in Hawaii or really anywhere else for that matter. Anyway, they'll come back from there. Generally, they're going to come from the center of the island and back to Lihue. You're going to be skirting the coast, mount [inaudible ], which is oftentimes considered to be the wettest spot on the planet. You're going to get a glimpse of that as you come back. In any event, for 60 minutes, which is the normal time, it is an absolutely tremendous flight to see.

    We do have some, not many, helicopters that are going to be leaving from Princeville area. The advantage to these is that you're actually going to be getting to the Napali Coast, which arguably is the most exciting thing you could possibly see on Kauai, but you get there quicker because it is so much closer. They're shorter. You're getting to the heart of the essence of what the most beautiful part of Kauai is, and you're doing it in a much shorter time period. They're somewhat less expensive. You do need to make sure you drive out to Princeville to catch those.

    But that's essentially the story for helicopters on Kauai. This is one of the most amazing activities on one of the most beautiful islands you could possibly ever expect to enjoy. The best time of day for a doors off helicopter tour of Kauai is either sunset, sunrise or the early afternoon. The lighting on the Na Pali coast is really tricky. The light can be very harsh and there are so many shadows and ridges to think about.